Training and courses

Action Learning:

An introduction offering a series of techniques and approaches to problem solving which are both practical and challenging and which are designed to improve analytical skills, clarify challenging and confusing scenarios, release creative thinking and provide templates for action. In addition there will be inputs and skills development in principles of action learning and group facilitation skills.

Action Learning sets are groups which meet on a time limited and regular basis to bring together individuals often from partner and related organisations; they offer a platform for change in which the content of real and current issues for the group can be discussed with commitment to actions and review.

Investment in Excellence:

A 4-day course which provides a vehicle for both personal and professional growth and effectiveness many months and even years after completion: the programme aims to help participants form a positive view of themselves and provides a "tool kit" for dealing with change, emphasising the importance of developing high levels of self-esteem and focuses on goal setting, motivation and other aspects of applied self-image psychology. There is also a community version and young people's version.

Other courses and training:

In addition to freuquent seminars and courses delivered by necc or in partnership with associates, we offer bespoke training, courses and seminars for organisational, professional and personal development for teams or individuals where change and development are desired. For more information, please contact us.

people enjoying training and coaching with NECC